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myspace entries - Mrs. Kitty Meows For No Reason
fragility of happiness
myspace entries
I am going to delete my myspace account because I am way too old to have a myspace account and I never use it anyway. I wanted to post the few funny things I had on there.

Sep 17, 2006
Dancing with the cantor
Eric and I were on the way to the 92nd St. Y to take our first dance lesson last week...

Me: Ok, I promise this time not to lead and not to yell at you.
Eric: Awww I really appreciate that... not because it is true but because you truely believe it.
Me: I'm serious! I'm going to really try.
Eric: I know you are. Look, I'm here to learn how to dance and if it is a pleasant experience then great, if not then I will still have learned how to dance.

May 20, 2007

NYC Cab after going to Yogi's
ME: *blows nose*
Cabbie: You aren't going to throw up are you? That will cost you extra!!!
Me: "WHat? No!!

Nov 8, 2006
On Smoking
Her: Want a cigarette? Oh wait you're a nurse so I guess you don't smoke
Me: No, I don't but I know a lot of nurses who do
Her: Well the way I see it is that the sooner I die the sooner I get to meet Jesus so I live life to the fullest.

Aug 22, 2006
Bizarre Bodega?
Today, randomly, on the bus from from work I was thinking about the soft drink Squirt and it's absence from the NY market. I was on the way downtown when I stopped in a bodega on 30th and 8th and what do I spy but Squirt. I considered buying it but I'm not into liquids that contain calories so I decided to pass and picked out diet orange soda instead.

Bodega guy: Hello beautiful. Is that all for you?
Me: Uh, yeah
Bodega guy: You do know you are beautiful right?
Me: Uh, well if I was so beautiful then you would sell diet Squirt
Bodega guy: What is that honey? Sure I'll order it for you for thursday.
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